City of Good Hope

Good Hope is rural in character and its citizenry friendly by nature.  It truly is a small  town with approximately  1.7 square miles of land and 274 residents (2010 census).  Though Good Hope proper is small it is surrounded by acres of scenic unincorporated land with large open fields, meadows, meandering creeks and woods.  Over the last several years Good Hope has earned a reputation as a prime cycling destination for area cyclists. Annually Good Hope plays host to several large organized rides such as BRAG, Tour de Oconee, the Teardrop Metric Century,  Spin for Kids and the Tony Serrano Century.

The City of Good Hope was established circa 1833 as an early frontier town and was subsequently chartered by an Act of Georgia Legislature in 1905. Many of Good Hope’s historic properties still exist today and continue to contribute to the town’s character.  Good Hope has the highest percentage of historic dwellings of any of the incorporated areas of  Walton County.

How did Good Hope get its name?  According to a couple of old timers, brothers Euler B Thompson (1909–2005) and Branan G Thompson (1912–2006),  its name had to do with the simple meaning of “good hope,” because in times of economic depression the people stood together in hope of good times to come. They had GOOD HOPE.


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